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  The Wellness Tea


My name is Marlyse, and I welcome you to The Wellness Tea!

Herbal teas became a huge part of my lifestyle when I discovered my intolerance for coffee due to its high caffeine levels. If you are an avid tea drinker, then you probably want to consume a beverage that prevents the “caffeine jitters” while also boosting your health and overall wellness.

I’m right there with you.

Several tea boxes later, I found myself (and my kitchen counter) overwhelmed with at least seven different herbal teas that all claimed to do different things for one’s health.

After five years spent drinking 5-7 different types of herbal teas on a regular basis, it became overwhelming.

The main problem here is not the lack of counterspace; it is very difficult to consume seven teas in one day to receive all the wellness benefits the body needs. One must alternate teas to cover all the bases, and even then, some benefits are only received on certain days - not every day.

Knowing that the wellness journey is a daily commitment and not something one does every other day or occasionally, I realized there was a problem with how I (and others) was consuming herbal tea.

I struggled to find an herbal tea with all the benefits I needed in one blend:

- Immune system

- Anti-inflammatory

- Ease digestion

- Control blood sugar level

- Calming

- Cleanse

- Heart health

- Energy boost

- Improve skin health


And, thus, the research began.

I poured my soul into learning about different types of teas, their health benefits, how to properly brew them, drinking them safely, choosing the right ingredients, and blending a high-quality, health-conscious product.

After countless hours of research and consultation with a Master Blender, the perfect formula was discovered: organic, herbal, all-in-one wellness blend with all the health benefits of nine different teas.

The Wellness Tea was born out of need for something more wholesome and powerful than other traditional wellness teas already on the market.

Tea is a beautiful artform in itself, but with an added wellness benefit, it becomes magic. That is what we created at The Wellness Tea- magic.

Let start this wellness journey together...Shall we?


Thanks for being part of our story,


The Wellness Tea (Co-founder)