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3 low impact exercises to do in 2023

There are many people who feel very motivated to workout, but in some cases, they are suffering from conditions that make exercising painful for their joints and muscles. Most of the time this is going to happen when someone starts doing exercises that are considered high impact and they can be too hard on their joints, ligaments, and bones.

Today, we are going to give you the best low impact exercises that are going to be extremely useful for you to stay fit and avoid injuries.


Unlike jumping jacks and burpees, the squat is a very low impact exercise that anyone can perform at their own pace and by only using their body weight. The best thing about this is that it can be quite easy to get started without any kind of exercise gear.


Some people are not aware of the incredible amount of effort that is required by some yoga positions, but even moderately difficult yoga exercises can be low impact. If you want to engage in a physical activity that is fun, relaxing, and useful for your entire body, you should start some beginner’s yoga classes.


This is probably the most powerful and useful exercise that anyone can do without any high impact. Swimming is almost like floating in space, but the water creates the resistance you need in order to get some cardiovascular action and strengthen your muscles. The only inconvenience with swimming is that you need a pool, but this is an amazing exercise for those who have access to one near their homes or at home.

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