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Gift Guide for Tea Drinkers

Are you looking to buy a gift for the tea-lover in your life? As a tea drinker, I can tell you that we love receiving new teas and tea paraphernalia as a gift! It’s very thoughtful and something we get to enjoy every day.  That said, I know it can feel overwhelming to pick the right gift - especially when the person you are shopping for has a refined palette for quality tea.

To help you out, I’ve put together a gift guide that includes tea gift sets, special teas, mugs and more that you can purchase from different tea shops.  I’ve also included where to buy loose leaf tea, as I know this is a big question when purchasing tea for someone.

Whether your tea drinker loves a classic cup of English Breakfast or prefers a cup of herbal tea, you will find the perfect gift on this list!  Here are the top 9 gifts for tea drinkers:

  1. Mug Warmer

If I had a dime for every time I made up a cup of tea, sat at my desk and became wrapped up in emails letting my tea get cold – I would be rich! It happens way too often, and I know I’m not the only one. As many of us have been working from home, the distractions have only increased. Fortunately, mug warmers have come to our rescue. These handy little warming pads sit on your desk and will keep your tea hot. If you have a tea connoisseur in your life who is particular about the temperature of their tea, there are mug warmers that allow you to set the temperature! You can have a hot cup of tea on your desk even when you get distracted by those incoming emails. There are plenty of options on Amazon that range from $20 - $50.

  1. Tea Kettle

A tea kettle says a lot about your personal aesthetic. You can go super sleek and modern with various temperature settings and a digital screen, or you can go with a classic tea kettle like the fashionable Creuset Kettle that whistles on your stovetop. If the tea lover you are buying for has a kettle that has seen better days, a tea kettle will be a gift that is sure to delight!

  1. Wellness Tea Blends

A quality wellness tea is the ultimate herbal tea blend. These teas have incredible health benefits, including reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system, stabilizing blood sugar levels, calming, cleansing the digestive system, boosting energy levels, and improving heart health!  Different herbal ingredients have different benefits; when these are strategically combined in one tea, the drinker receives a wealth of health benefits. If you are looking where to buy loose leaf tea or trying to find a local tea shop, look no further than the wellness herbal blends from The Wellness Tea . The Wellness Tea is specially curated using organic certified ingredients and includes 30 pyramid tea bags containing loose leaf tea. Your tea-loving gift recipient doesn’t need anything but a hot mug of water to enjoy this delicious blend.

  1. Tea Gift Sets

A tea gift set is a fun and thoughtful gift. Although you can buy tea gift sets pre-made, it is much more personal to create your own gift set that you put together in a pretty basket or box. You can include a variety of different teas like green tea, wellness tea, and caffeine-free tea. You can also include tea drinking accessories like a travel mug or teapot, storage containers, coasters, or tea scented candle. 

  1. Tea Scented Candle

I know I am a bit bias here, but tea scented candles are my favorite! The scents are clean and subtle; they aren’t overbearing or too floral.  There are so many tea scents to choose from, like white jasmine, earl grey, chamomile, and honey lemon.

  1. Tea Travel Mug and Tea Bags

Travel mugs aren’t all created equal. In fact, many are made for coffee. Although they can be used for tea, there are special travel mugs built with tea in mind that are much better for tea drinkers. A tea travel mug will have a special basket for the tea bag, which prevents it from sinking to the bottom or blocking the mouthpiece when you go to drink it. It also makes it easier if you want to remove the tea bag. Some tea travel mugs have a special storage compartment at the bottom that you can store extra tea bags in. With these, all you need is hot water and you can make a fresh cup of your favorite tea! These are often available at tea shops or amazon.

  1. Treats for Tea

Nothing goes better with a hot cuppa than biscuits and truffles! Many bakers and confectioneries are now incorporating popular tea flavors into these sweet treats. For example, Charbonnel et Walker makes English Afternoon Tea chocolate truffles; these early grey infused truffles share a similar flavor profile as a cup of tea! A tin of English biscuits are also a great choice, and you no longer have to cross the pond to Harrods to get the best; they are now available on Amazon.

  1. Tea Skincare

Tea is incredible for your skin, and the benefits can be enjoyed by drinking it and when incorporated into your skincare. A tea-infused, antioxidant-rich face mask will make skin brighter, smoother, and more youthful! Look for products that contain black tea.

  1. Honey Spoons

These would make a great addition to a tea gift set or on their own. These spoons made from honey will melt in a hot cup of tea. They are both stylish and practical and will reduce the mess often caused by a traditional jar of honey. There are some tutorials online if you want to make your own or you can purchase from a local artisan by shopping on a website like Etsy.

As you can see, there is no shortage of great gift ideas for tea drinkers! Many of these products are available at local tea shops and online. When looking where to buy loose leaf tea, just ensure you are buying from a reputable website stating where the tea is made.

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