• Make the most of your teatime—no matter when it is.

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Make the most of your teatime—no matter when it is.

The Wellness Tea was carefully crafted to make the very best of all herbal tea has to offer. A blend of ten all-natural super-ingredients

The Wellness Tea is a soothing drink that provides numerous health benefits. It’s thousands of years in the making, available for you to enjoy in a single cup.

A Daily-Dose of Wellness


It’s wellness in a single cup.

Curated Not Engineered

All ingredients in our proprietary blend are all-natural and all-organic. No artificial colors. No additives. No caffeine. No GMOs. Each tea bag is packed with nothing but the good stuff—plenty of everything that you would want and nothing that you wouldn’t. We carry on the long tradition of herbal teas by sourcing quality ingredients that are produced right. Just as you need patience to wait for water to boil and the tea to properly steep, we believe in taking the time to curate the best ingredients for you to enjoy and don’t take any shortcuts along the way. It’s not your garden-variety cup of tea, because it’s made only with ingredients straight from the garden.


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Designed to Diffuse

Each tea bag isn’t just good on the inside either. The Wellness Tea tea bags are individually wrapped using a superior pyramid design as opposed to common flat tea bags. This allows for ample space for the ingredients to fully diffuse throughout your drink and thereby providing optimal flavor and health benefits. The innovative design ensures that every cup of tea is the best that it can be. To enjoy yourself or to offer to your guests as a unique experience, this tea bag stands on its own in more ways than one.


As a Certified Tea Sommelier, I got the opportunity to taste The Wellness Tea during its conception. This organic herbal blend is by far the most complete blend I've ever tasted. All ingredients are organic and packed with multiple health benefits. You have everything in a single cup!

Shelby, Certified Tea Sommelier

I have been looking for a tea blend like this since. The fact that The Wellness Tea promotes several health benefits at once just make my life less busy.

Thanks The Wellness Tea!

Ashley, Registered Nurse

Amazing! amazing! amazing!!! Just give it a try...

Sandra, IT Application Developer